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Altruist, the Advisor/Client Platform of the Future

A better client experience using better technology

Altruist, the Advisor/Client Platform of the Future

A custodial platform to safekeep your assets and allow us to do our best job of wealth management is paramount.

This is why as we make the transition to our own Registered Investment Advisor, we chose Altruist as our custodial partner. Altruist's mission is to operate a state of the art, leading technology platform for Financial Advisors, so Advisors can spend more of their time focused on client relationships.

We feel so strongly about the platform that really focuses on the beauty of simplicity for our clients.

As a Firm owner and Financial Advisor, I'm able to manage, monitor, trade, and report to clients all from the same platform.

This was paramount in making the decision to choose a platform that would be easy for clients to understand, and promote an environment where we might hire new advisors, partner with more people in the business, and be accessible to more clients.

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